From 5-7th November 2019 in Kosovo are taking place the Workshop for Regional Youth Working group and Regional Forum – Youth Regional Compact for Europe Network foreseen in the framework of the project Regional Youth Compact for Europe which is funded by the European Union.

This year, our Network Training is intended for deepening our common understanding of the accession negotiation process with particular focus on the Chapter 19: Education System and Labour market reforms in WB countries, Decent work standards and Social Cohesion; Employment opportunities and regional mobility.

The main topic of the Forum – Youth Regional Compact for Europe is: Youth in the region: seeking strategic responses to meeting the challenges of demography and labour market trends.

The venue of the Network Training: Hotel Holiday Resort, Sllatinë e Madhe 10000 Prishtinë. The Forum which is a public event for all people interested in topic will be held at Termokiss (Str: Ilaz Kodra, Prishtinë 10000) from 14:30- 16:45 h.

More than 70 participants, including members of the Project Management Team, Members of the Regional Youth Working Group, CSOs and youth organizations from the WB countries (prominent in the fields of youth policy design, youth inclusion and participation in the stakeholders’ structured dialogue frameworks), local regional policy/decision makers, local authorities, experts, NGO practitioners and media are expected to attend both events.

Regional Youth Compact for Europe is a project implemented by: Center for Democracy Foundation, The Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA), ALDA Skopje, Local Democracy Agency Subotica, Local Democracy Agency Montenegro, Local Democracy Agency Mostar, Local Democracy Agency Prijedor, Local Democracy Agency of Kosovo, Local Democracy Agency for Central and Southern Serbia, Local Democracy Agency Zavidovici, Local Democracy Agency Albania, CRTA,Youth Act Albania and SODEM Turkey.

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